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In this course we will explore psychology from thoughts to emotions to diseases of the mind.

Basic numbers in the Me Wuk language. 

Here you will practice your math skills. 

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The Beginning

by Jason Frye -

Hello and welcome to your new education portal.  I am exited to bring you this opportunity to take courses, learn new information, and keep up with what is going on at the education center. We are still building the courses, so, check back frequently to see what has been added.  I have hidden courses that have nothing in them for now, however, as we add new courses you will be able to take them as you wish.  Please respond to this thread if you have courses you would like to see added.  We will work on adding them and getting courses built on your interests as well as remedial courses geared towards helping you be as successful as you can in school. 


by Jason Frye -

Welcome to the new Me Wuk Education Department education portal.  Here you will find basic courses that are geared to help you brush up on some of the common classes in schools today.  We are always expanding so come back often.  In the future we will be offering more programs and course so make sure to keep coming back to check out what we are doing next.